In the forests of Siberia, Yetis are fighting bears

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Russians are concerned that a growing battle between bears and the "human like" Yeti of the forests will cause trouble this winter, when the defeated bears come into villages looking for food.

According to the Voice of Russia:

The director of the International Center for Hominology Igor Burtsev assures that yetis leave traces of their stay in the taiga and fight with local bears: "They make strange pyramidal constructions of trunks and branches in the wood – sometimes 3 or 4 meters, sometimes only 30 cm high. Sometimes they bend huge trees and twist their trunks like wheels. A human being is just not strong enough for that, and there seems to be no need for bears to do this. At first, we thought that yetis do this to make shelters, but then we came to the conclusion that this is a sort of landmark for them" . . . If this "war" between yetis and bears continues, there is a risk that bears will not sleep this winter because of a shortage of food, instead going to villages in search of something to eat. To prevent this, the region's authorities plan to organize bear feeding.


Well, at least there's a humane solution to all this fighting, which is to feed the bears who've been tormented by the Yeti. As long as there are no psychic battles between Yeti and local human residents, the winter shouldn't be so bad.

via The Voice of Russia