In This Short Film, Your Drone Really Is Trying To Kill You

If you’ve ever had your hand sliced open by a low-flying drone, it can seem a little too much like your quadrotor toy is out to kill you — even if you’re just a crummy pilot. But in this movie trailer, your pet drone really does have it in for you.

The trailer is for The Drone, a (sadly) non-existent movie about a couple terrorized by their sentient, psychopathic DJI quadrotor. It was made by director Jordan Rubin, shot in the style of a trailer for a Blumhouse horror flick.

It’s well-produced enough to look believable, and certainly a plausible enough plot for a Kickstarter project, if not a Hollywood blockbuster. It’s also a good reminder that our future AI overlords will turn against us with the cute robots, not just the scary wall-hopping robot cheetahs. Just remember: nothing cures a rogue quadrotor like a 12-gauge slug to the GoPro. [YouTube]

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Wonder how it would hold up to Zombeavers (now available on Netflix)

Edit: Just found out it’s the same director.