In webcomic Darkness, a lonely guy must neutralize his roommate's brooding, seductive superpowers

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Have you ever met a guy who embodies darkness? A man whose shirt is always half unbuttoned, whose disheveled hair blows in the nonexistent wind, and who is accompanied by a melodramatic caption box? A fellow whose vampire-esque brooding has women flinging themselves at him from halfway across the block? Jonas is just such a person — and his roommate is sick of it.

Boulet created Darkness for a 24-hour comic festival, although — horror of horrors — he took an extra two hours to finish up. I think he can be forgiven.

In Darkness a young man has moved into a gorgeous new apartment with a nice enough roommate. There's just one problem, his roommate, Jonas, is dark. He's a grizzled, melancholic fantasy who seemingly just walked out of a romance manga, and no woman, no matter how uptight (or how much on a date with Jonas' roommate), can resist his gloomy charms.


There's a Scott Pilgrim-like magical realist quality to Darkness. There may not be epic fights with evil ex-boyfriends, but Jonas has some pretty silly mind-altering superpowers (when he pours himself a bowl of Count Chocula, it looks like he's pouring himself a glass of whisky), and the fact that everyone can see his interior monologue is fantastic gag. And, like Scott Pilgrim, it has a rather sweet ending, one that shows you don't need seductive superpowers to have a fulfilling love life.


Darkness (NSFW for brief nudity) [via ComicsAlliance]