In2Pay iPhone Case: Anywhere Visa payWave Is Accepted

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As if making money magically disappear from your bank account wasn't easy enough, DeviceFidelity's new In2Pay case, which will let iPhone users make contactless transactions on Visa's payWave system, will turn you into the Dumbledore of mobile payment.


The case is being developed by DeviceFidelity and will let your iPhone play nice with the company's existing In2Pay microSD card. You'll just wave your iPhone at any Visa payWave terminal, which can already be found at some 32,000 retailers, and voila, you've made your transaction. It will feel like stealing, but it won't be.

There are two main things that need to be in place for this to work: security and ubiquity. To the first point, DeviceFidelity says that transactions made through its password protected mobile payment app will be totally secure, generating a unique ID for every transaction. To the second, Visa says that it's aggressively expanding its payWave system to new retailers and new geographic regions.


I certainly believe the latter is true, but we'll have to wait to see if DeviceFidelity holds up their end of the bargain—they're running trials with the In2Pay iPhone case this quarter. [DeviceFidelity]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I always wondered about these devices where you can just wave your card by them to make them work (I think Mastercard also has something). Can someone misuse this and just swing it by your pocket or something in a crowded area or do you first have to type in a bunch of activation codes for it to work?