Those of you who feel that your car's Sat-Nav system is lacking something need to move to Korea. Or import iNavi's latest baby, the G1. As well as having a screen that can show off everything from buildings to mountains in glorious 3D, there is a geomagnetic sensor to stop you getting lost when the GPS signal trails off. But it's the entertainment side of the G1 that really rocks. I mean, REALLY.

There's a DMB receiver with Picture-in-Picture capability so you can watch TV, a media player that supports all sorts of formats and, while there's no HDD, there's an SD memory slot and USB host. Add photo album, several games and something called a Car Diary for you to keep an eye on various vehicle-related things (no, I don't care either).


And Karaoke. Yes, people, that little microphone icon you see on the screen lets you belt out versions of whatever song keeps the pedal to the metal in your car. Karaoke. What a GENIUS idea. If anyone from iNavi is reading this, then the G1 needs to go global. Send one over to me at Giz and I'll spend my summer test-driving it in a stolen car.

iNavi G1 from Korea does karaoke [NaviGadget]