Inbox Zero

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Inbox Zero | ˈinˌbäks ˈzi(ə)rō |
1. state of having zero email messages in one's inbox | I am at inbox zero!
2. a term used chiefly to imply that the speaker receives a large amount of email—a traditional indicator of status | The only people who reach inbox zero are those who do not have any responsibilities or cosmopolitan events to attend
3. an achievement mentioned solely and explicitly to irritate colleagues one knows to be overburdened by email | I finally hit inbox zero! Everyone works too hard, why not just relax in Hawaii?


Synonyms: no email, empty inbox, caught up on email

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Scott Beeson

That kind of goes against the whole point of gmail... In my Outlook inbox for work, sure, I love seeing an empty inbox. In gmail it would freak me out. Sure you can archive, but idk... I just like having everything ever, right there.