Incredibowl i420 Lightning Review: The Robocop of Toking Implements

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If you've held onto a piece for more than two years, consider yourself lucky—glassware is designed to look pretty, not to be rugged. Until now, that is. The Incredibowl i420 smokes like a chimney no matter how hard you beat on it.


What Is It?

It's a chillum, but more durable.

Who's it For?

Ham-fisted smokers, clutzy tokers, and accident-prone midnight jokers.


Like a cyborg, all the squishy and breakable bits are stored safely away from danger. The glass bowl sits within a machined aluminum shell, and the expansion chamber is constructed from shatter-proof polycarbonate. It's basically drop-proof; it survived a fall onto concrete from a distance of above my head.

Using It

Assembly is easy, everything fits together with normal sealing rings (o-rings). Pack the bowl, light up, and draw. The smoke packs into the expansion chamber until you give the spring-loaded bowl protector a quick pull. This activates the 13-port carb and instantly clears the chamber.

The Best Part

Not having your hand smell like weed after smoking with a chillum.

Tragic Flaw

Putting a 10-inch extender pipe on the m420 travel version makes it way less portable.


This Is Weird...

The ash catcher is actually located at the very base of the bowl, below the carb. This allows it to perform its duties without being directly incinerated by the lighter flame.


Test Notes

  • Slower draws = fatter hits
  • No chance to clean the expansion chamber but bowl wipes easily with the alcohol method.
  • All the little bits and pieces (everything but the chamber and bowl guard) are easily replaceable, the whole assembly is easy to service.

Should You Buy It?


Incredibowl i420 and m420

• Length: 7.5" i420, 4.9" m420
• Weight: 7 oz i420, 2 oz m420
• Warranty: Lifetime on all non-glass hardware
• Price: $130 i420 or $70 m420



Seriously? Giz is reviewing bongs now? (Sorry if I get my terminology wrong). But I come here looking for technology blogs...and occasionally completely unrelated technology blogs, but when I consistently see the stoner page, and now reviews paraphernalia? It's making me want to turn elsewhere, I guess I just wanted to make known my displeasure and hope that it'll actually make a difference.