Indie Game: The Movie: The Picture of Devotion

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You may have heard about the Kickstarter-borne Indie Game: The Movie back around it's release in May, but it's worth bringing up again for two reasons: it recently came to Netflix, and man is it ever a fantastic watch.

For the unfamiliar, the film follows three (but mostly just two) indie games during different points in development. Jonathan Blow's Braid, which had already been released at the time of filming, Team Meat's Super Meat Boy, which was released at the time of filming, and Phil Fish's Fez, which didn't release after filming had finished. The movie focuses mostly on the trials and tribulations of Team Meat and Fish, throwing a little Blow here and there for variety.

You don't have to be into games (or indie games) to enjoy Indie Game: The Movie. You just need to be able to appreciate how crazy, stressful, and wild it is to pin so much of your identity on a single, deeply personal piece of art that's thrust out into the commercial world. Even if you've never done that yourself, or never plan to, it's amazingly affecting, and the designers' collective devotion to their games and the medium in general is admirable, though a bit insane (in all the right ways.) It's streaming on Netflix Instant and there's really no reason not to check it out right away. [Netflix]