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Infinity Blade is a really, really good iOS game. If you don't have it already, and you like action games, you should get it now. Then you'll get a new add-on pack for it next week.


Joystiq says that the new pack will be one of the smaller add-on packs—another is coming in January—and will be free. You'll get five weapons, five shields, five helmets and one armor set, as well as a level cap bump from 40 to 45. Chair, the studio that developed the game, is also working on bigger packs that expand on the story to explain why that crazy God King is so crazy, and what he's doing sitting in that chair all day. Those add-ons, and multiplayer, both come later.


Personally, I think the game is incredible for a phone title, but is a bit shallow in terms of what you can do it in. Still, it's worth $6. [Joystiq and iTunes]

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