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Infinium Labs, makers of the Phantom game console as well as the Ninjor Handheld Gaming Module (compatible with the GBA, PSP, Gameboy DS, MAME, and that LCD game of Dungeons and Dragons with the bat), the Sparkle Kitten PMP for Babies, and the Chitin Gaming Hard Suit, a full body controller that melds with your nervous system for maximum gaming performances—NOTE: None of these products will ever be released—is hiring!

Who are they looking for? A PhD in human-computer interaction? A bio-designer to create a next gen console with scales and feathers? Nope. They're looking for a lawyer in Seattle. Maybe they want to take Japan to court and need someone within ICBM distance.


Infinium Labs Gets New CEO, Moves to New HQ in Fairy Kingdom of Zoobalia

CORPORATE ATTORNEY************* [Craigslist - The stars make it better!]

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