Insane New Tower Might Rise Above the Hills in Western Turkey

This stunning new design for an antenna tower outside the Turkish city of Çanakkale has just won an international competition, beating out such big-name firms as Snohetta, Fernando Romero, and Sou Fujimoto. Designed by IND and Powerhouse Company—who worked with structural engineers ABT to make sure it'd all work as planned—the antenna is a racetrack-like loop through the forest, sporting an outdoor pedestrian walkway and indoor public spaces at the tower's base.

The competition was more of a call for ideas, on the other hand, which means that the tower's future is by no means certain; but this graceful, looping form that soars up and out of the heavily wooded landscape would be an amazing sight to see. [Çanakkale Antenna Tower International Competition]


All images courtesy IND / Powerhouse Company / ABT

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