I came across this crazy video today. It shows the crash landing of a Royal Air Force Harrier plane landing at Kandahar back in 2009. Watch as fire engulfs the plane as the pilot tries to control it, jumping at the very last second, when the flames reach the cockpit.

It reminds me of the pilots in the two-seat Sukhoi Su-24 combat aircraft that crashed in a fiery ball of hell in an Iranian airfield, in March 2009. The Harrier crash happened two months later, in May 2009. Like in the case of the Su-24, the Harrier pilot touched down safely in his parachute.


According to a person who claims to be a Harrier pilot/instructor: "Looks like pilot is doing conventional landing with nozzles pointed almost full aft. Comes in too fast with too much rate of descent, raises nose and pulls power to bleed airspeed, then you hear engine throttle up probably trying to wave it off. Hits the ground with way too much rate of descent and plane comes apart. Conventional landings rare in Harrier due to high speed at touchdown. Plane probably had an emergency of some kind."


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