Inside America's oldest hat factory

Bollman Hat Company, located in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, is America’s oldest hat factory. It first opened in 1868 and its machines are decades old and that all makes for a fascinating place with so much history. It’s really cool to see how the machines work since they all have their own specific tasks and weird way of accomplishing them. Hypebeast took a tour of the factory, which you can watch below.

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Lizabethie: of the New World

Need to find videos of the socks made at the Cabot Hosiery Mill in VT. We went on a tour there a few years ago, during their factory sale, (holla, socks are the best Christmas present when you’re an adult!) and at that time they were using machines that were around 100 years old. They are one of the last (if not the last ones, now,) still making them in the US. Almost all the other sock manufacturing machines in the US had been sold to Chinese companies, so even if other firms wanted to get back into it, the barrier to entry would be neigh impossible.