Instagram just launched a huge update for all its apps today. Version 3.0 can plot all your images on a map based on the location in which you snapped each one. The result? A totally different way to browse through photos.

Here's what's new:

  • Photo map: Everyone's pics are now organized on a map, coordinated with where the picture was taken
  • Profile format: You now have three options for viewing photosā€”on the map, in a continuous feed, or in the familiar grid layout.
  • New upload screen: Totally redesigned in a much cleaner format, includes all the same sharing options.
  • Infinite scrolling: Rather than having to click refresh over and over when you want to see more photos on a feed, they'll just continue to load automatically.


It's already live in the App Store and Google Play. It's a really wonderful updateā€”the ability to view photos in different formats a huge improvement to the user experience. And it's definitely a reason to love Instagram all over again. [Instagram]