Instagram Is Censoring the Eggplant Emoji Because Well You Know Why

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Instagrammers with weiner on the brain will have to look elsewhere: Instagram announced yesterday it’s adding emoji hashtags, but you can’t search for photos hashtagged with the eggplant, a vegetable considered more penile than produce these days.

You might know it as aubergine, the nightshade species solanum melongena, or as delicious with parmesan, but sexters ‘round the world have apparently claimed it as the phallic image of the new millennium. And so Oscar Mayer breathes a sigh of relief.

Weirdly, other disgustingly vulgar emoji are still searchable, like the banana and the semi-husked corn on the cob. Searching the peach emoji, another one that could also be considered among the forbidden fruits (and veggies), pulls up plenty of belfies.


Even more disturbing is that the following emoji are all still searchable: the gun, the Psycho-esque chef’s knife (which is positioned way too close to the shower in the emoji menu), and the needle dripping with red liquid.

It’s worth noting that Americans use the eggplant emoji more than anyone else. So our minds will likely remain in the gutter, ban or no ban. Schwing!


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Honestly, I don’t even understand why people use emoji like that. We have words for a reason. It’s one thing to use a smiley such as :) to clarify or reinforce the emotional meaning of a statement, but I don’t get why anyone would want to use any of the others, they don’t have a point.