Intel Confirms That Ivy Bridge Is Definitely Delayed

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There have been suggestions floating around that Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors would arrive later than anticipated on the market. Now, those rumors have been confirmed as true by a senior Intel employee, so we won't see the processors in April as previously expected.


Speaking to the Financial Times, Intel's executive vice-president Sean Maloney stated that the new processors were delayed, and that when it came to new release dates, "I think maybe it's June now." The first mobile Ivy Bridge processors were originally expected to land by April.

Why the hold up? Maloney suggests to the FT that it's due to the manufacturing process. Fair enough: they are a technological leap on from the Sandy Bridge line, so I guess we should cut them some slack. [Financial Times]


I've had i7 920 for a while now, and it's weird to realize that Ivy Bridge is going to be 22nm compared to my cpu's 45. I just don't feel like uppgrading yet, because there's really nothing my current rig can't do that I would be that interested in right now.