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Intel launches its Core 2 Duo processors today, 10 in all, including the 64-bit Conroe (Core 2 Duo) and Conroe XE (Core 2 Extreme) for desktops. and 32-bit Merom for laptops All are dual-core processors that will initially be available in single socket configurations, which means that at first there won't be dual processor/dual core systems using the chips yet.

The single-socket chips will be plenty fast, however, with the processors bringing all kinds of new technology to the party. The extra speed and efficiency is thanks to Intel's 65-nanometer manufacturing process which crams more transistors onto each chip, a gigantic integrated cache that Intel calls the Advanced Smart Cache, and other coolness like wide dynamic execution and smart memory access. The result? Faster processors that run cooler and use less power.


PC manufacturers far and wide are all falling into line, announcing their Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme machines today. For a first look at the performance of these new chips, check out our scoop where we review one of the first Core 2 Duo workstations to come off the assembly line, the Dell Precision Workstation 390.

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