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Intel Hiding Features From Users?

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It seems that the Intel Core Duo processors that are all the rage these days may be a little more powerful than Intel would have you know. Thanks to a little detective work, it s been discovered that the processors, deep down inside, are actually 64-bit compatible. Yes, that Core Duo you have right now is a 64-bit chip. Intel openly admits that its Sossaman chips are 64-bit, but does not mention this fact about its consumer-targetted Yonah chips, despite the fact that the two are one in the same. What consumer (or geek) would not want to play around with a 64-bit Linux distribution, or Windows 64-bit for that matter? Intel may just have some explaining to do.


Intel Yonah hidden features exposed [ via Technology Sweden]

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I just tested this claim on a Core Duo laptop and it is false. I put in a Windows Server 2003 64-bit installation disk and it told me that it can't be installed on a 32-bit machine. It may be true that the underlying architecture is 64-bit but there is no way to make use of it.