Intel's Reader, developed by a dyslexic Stanford graduate, is a powerful device for dyslexic and visually impaired readers, allowing them to scan entire pages of text to audio for immediate playback or later review.

The book-sized device is capable of capturing text from a variety of sources, ranging from restaurant menus to academic journals. That scanned text can be magnified and read on the device, listened to via on-board speaker or headphones, or exported to MP3.


Intel's Reader packs a high resolution camera and an Intel Atom processor, allowing it to quickly and accurately capture massive amounts of text.

Intel Reader Offers High Tech Help For Dyslexics and Visually Impaired
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The Intel Reader made its debut at CES and will be available for around $1500. It's not cheap, but it could be a life changing gadget for the 55 million people whose reading is challenged by dyslexia or vision impairment. [Intel via Fast Company]