Intel Sets Low Price for its Atom CPU

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Intel has set a price for its low-cost N270 notebook CPU: a mere $44. Now that actually does seem pretty cheap to us, so perhaps Intel's promise of much cheaper computers in the future will come true. At the same time Intel announced two 65nm Centrino CPUs, both aimed at the entry-level laptop market. The Celeron 585 is a 2.16GHz processor costing $107, and the 575 runs at 2GHz and costs $86. It's just possible Intel's "nettop" design will work out after all.[Digitimes]




@Stang70Fastback: even if I had cable, I probably would have skipped that. Actually just caught Into The Wild last night. Excellent movie, if anybody here hasn't seen it.

Wow! $44 for a processor!! Cheaper laptops FTW! Macbook Air doesn't have an optical drive! Vista sucks! (now nobody can say I was completely threadjacking)