Intel Stumps Up With USB 3.0 Specs, Makes Them Royalty-Free

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As we reported they would last year, Intel has published a draft specification for the next-gen connection system, USB 3.0. The v0.9 eXtensible Host Controller Interface specs are designed to allow hardware developers to steal a march on developing next-gen interfacing gizmos ahead of the final certification of the standard by the USB Promoters Group. The v0.9 specs are also royalty free, since Intel hopes this will speed-up uptake of the new system. Looks like super-speed USB is well on its way. [Reghardware]

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Absent Blue

@: I'm sure it'll be uber fast in the end, probably faster than any planned incarnation of Firewire, but that's pure speculation. But the fact is Firewire is a mainstay when it comes to video and them video buffs could care less about USB. The reason is because of it's sustainable transfer rate as opposed to USB's burst transfer rate. It's the same reason why internal software arrays are favored in editing machines over the logically superior external fibre-channel arrays.

Now maybe USB3 will be good enough to handle ridiculously high uncompressed resolutions, maybe they just don't care cause it's the niche that Firewire has firmly seated itself in. Fact is it's where Firewire gets it's royalties: they charge much higher than USB currently does and they get away with it cause it's hardware spec is necessary for some. If you want a cheapy data-transfer port go USB, why pay twice as much for one that doesn't do anything more than you need?