Intel Wants Netbooks to Keep Sucking

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Digitimes reports Intel's pissed that Nvidia's trying to muscle into the Intel-dominated netbook niche with their new Ion platform that combines the Atom processor with Nvidia's GeForce 9400m which makes netbooks fully HD capable. Updated.


So, Intel is reiterating to PC makers that the Atom processor only comes bundled with their own chipsets and is refusing to validate Nvidia's chipset for Atom-based netbooks. Which is obviously a problem for Nvidia, since half of Ion is Intel's Atom. That said, after Nvidia punted Intel's chipset out of the new MacBooks, we're not all that surprised Intel's putting up a more hardcore defense here—after all, we're talking a whole new ecosystem Intel wants to have all to itself.

Heart-shaped waffles picture (even though they're a little burnt) because, uh, heart-shaped waffles sound delicious right about now.

Update: An Intel spokesperson responds that, "Intel does sell both stand alone Atom processors and Atom processors with Intel chipsets. OEMs can select whatever chipset they want." Which is great, since that's the way it should be. It's still probably safe to say that even if Digitimes' story is exaggerated, Intel ain't exactly happy with Nvidia poking around in the netbook space though. [Digitimes, Image: adrian_s/Flickr]


Is it just me or does Netbook = WebTV + 10 Years?