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Intel's High-End Larrabee Graphics Card Won't Be Released Anytime Soon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Intel just told us that its first Larrabee graphics card isn't ever coming out "as standalone discrete product," because they're behind where they'd hoped to be in development, meaning you won't be shoving one inside of your PC anytime soon.

And you have to figure that's pretty far behind, since the Larrabee launch timeframe was 2009/2010. The only way you'll be able to touch Larrabee now is as a development platform for graphics engines or high-performance computing, in order to develop for future Intel products.


Intel says they're going to announce new plans for discrete cards some time in 2010—mayyybe CES, where we talked to former Intel Chairman Craig Barrett about Larrabee last year? But, more likely at the Intel Developer Forum later in the year. [Intel]