Internet Forum Users Plan Manned Space Launch

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The amateur rocketry scene is about to take one giant leap forward, thanks to a collection of volunteers who are planning to put a man into orbit. Via a home-made submarine-mounted floating launchpad.


The collection of Danish volunteers call themselves Copenhagen Suborbitals, and have been posting about their efforts on the Something Awful forums (HOAX ALARM!) for quite some time—with plenty of photos and testing videos available on the group's web site, should you quite rightly have a few suspicions about the validity of the project.

The test launch of the human-carrying version of the team's HEAT 1X rocket is scheduled for five days time. But there won't be an actual man inside the rocket—just a dummy. If that returns to Earth in one piece and not melted down into a blackened lump, a proper manned attempt will be pencilled in to go ahead in the next few years.

You Gizmodo commenters are falling way behind in the space race, basically. [Daily Mail via Boing Boing]



This looks like the space ship Bugs Bunny took to the moon when he met met Marvin the Martian and his loyal dog as they were about to blow up the earth.