Introducing Gizmine: A Store For Weird Japan Gadgets

Doug Krone is my friend who started the dependable Japan importer Dynamism in the 90's and he's just launched Gizmine. Gizmine is different from Dynamism, a high end gadget site, by measure of its content type and breadth. I'd most summarily explain it as a collection of weird stuff on gadget blogs from Japan, but for sale. In fact, most of the inventory is stuff discovered on blogs and while walking through Shibuya on any given afternoon. Doug is also the man responsible for making Gizmodo Gallery possible. Below are a few of the pieces in his catalog that are my personal picks, and Doug says they'll be adding new pieces every day til the end of the year. Not a bad place to find a gift for the geeks in your life. [Gizmine]

Casio Poptone Vibrating Watch


Conof Desk Light

Self Explosion button


Tokyo Street LED Scope


Common Sense Keyboard (Charges by solar panel)


Fuji Film Instax Mini 7S (Like a polaroid!)


Model Camera Kit



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