Introducing the BitterPeek

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Yesterday, BlackBerry users across the country lost BIS email service, forcing them to switch to webmail, texts, calls, VoIP, instant messages or Tweets—for hours! But the real news is what didn't go down, rite guys?


For reference, here's some Peek PR from 2008, right after their first product launched:

Peek, the first elegantly simple, email-only device, launched today. Created for people who don't need or want an expensive smartphone full of functions and software, the Peek device delivers unlimited email to and from existing accounts, anywhere in the U.S. Extraordinarily simple to set up and use, Peek has eliminated multi-year contracts, bewildering rate plans and hidden fees. The mobile device is super-thin, stylish and easy to use. There are no scary buttons; no confusing bells and whistles.

So they've basically gone from "hey, check out our new product! It's not quite as capable as a smartphone, but we're happy to make a reasoned case that the tradeoffs are worth it!" all the way to "Ha! Look! One of many overlapping BlackBerry features went down for a few hours, so fuck them! And fuck you! Buy a Peek or you'll eat dinner alone forever, like a loser."

You feeling ok, Peek?



Right now I could use an MTAPeek, so that I can know when the A train is being a pain in the frikkin' ass, which is probably every day.