io9 Newsstand: What Are Your 5 Favorite Stories of 2014?

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Every week since the beginning of July I've highlighted my favorite stories and authors, and here at the end of the year I have some solid contenders for Best of the Year. And since it's time to start thinking about what should go on award ballots and in anthologies. So what are your favorite stories this year?


Top image: Vitaly Timkin via Lightspeed Magazine

Of all the short fiction you've read so far this year—including short stories, novelettes, and novellas—which are the five that have seriously stayed with you? Which are the ones you remember, remember fondly, and could even say they've changed the way you feel, think, or see the world? Which ones were just an awesome good time and you would read again?

Here are my top five:

Makeisha in Time by Rachael K. Jones | Crossed Genres (mention)

A Meaningful Exchange by Kat Howard | Lightspeed Magazine (mention)

What Is Sand But Earth Purified? by Jason Sanford | Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (mention)

The Stone Children By Shannon Norland | Luna Station Quarterly (mention)

Seeking boarder for rm w/ attached bathroom, must be willing to live with ghosts ($500 / Berkeley) by Rahul Kanakia | Clarkesworld Magazine (mention)


Tell me yours in the comments.


Daniel Ausema

I haven't read as much of what was published this year as other years, but Yoon Ha Lees's "The Combustion Hour" stands out:… I love her writing in general. With this one I had it open on my computer for the longest time without reading it. I kept opening that tab and reading the first line and feeling like the story couldn't possibly live up to the allusive beauty of that sentence. But I finally read it and saw I never should have doubted her skill to write a beautiful story.

Also have to point out Theodora Goss's "Cimmeria: From the Journal of Imaginary Anthropology":… It plays off a Borges story, probably my favorite of all time, to tell a fascinating and mind-bending fantasy.