io9 Nullified by The Haitian From Heroes

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He may be nameless on Heroes, or simply referred to as "The Haitian," but with his memory-eating powers he's one of the most powerful people on the show. Recently io9 ran into Jimmy-Jean Louis, the man behind the Haitian, who spilled his guts about his onscreen counterpart and then promptly made us forget about it. Here's what we were able to remember after hypnotherapy.


Will you be getting a real name at some point instead of just being referred to as "The Haitan"?

I have a name, actually. They were going to use it on the second or third episode, but then they realized that "The Haitian" was catchy, and it added a lot of mystery to the character. My partner's name is Noah, so maybe you'll find out that I'm Moses! They might be using my real name soon.

Are you hoping they'll continue to expand your backstory?

I hope so, because he's a very interesting character with a lot of depth. They'll probably have to because we don't know what he's up to or what his relationship is to the other heroes, with Mama Petrelli, with Bob at the company and all the other people. But at the same time, they can do whatever they want!

Who would win if you went head to head with Sylar? He wouldn't have his powers then, so who would come out on top?

I don't know if you've seen that scene with Peter and the Haitian, but if The Haitian can take Peter down, then I'm sure he probably can take Sylar down as well.

The other thing is that I have a feeling that The Haitian is very dangerous, which is why they have to play him very slowly. Otherwise, he might become slightly "too big." Right now we know he can erase people's memories, and he can stop their powers, but what else can he do? It's very exciting and hopefully we can find out after the writer's strike!