io9 Talks To Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd

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Not content with owning last weekend's box office at theaters, the makers of Get Smart want all your DVD dollars as well. That's why July 1st sees the release of Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control, a feature-length DVD spin-off starring Control's top tech guys as they try to save the world so that Steve Carrell's Maxwell Smart can... save the world. Again. We spoke to the stars of the spin-off, Masi Oka and Nate Torrence, about gadgets, franchises and unexpected appearances in other movies. Oh, alright, and we asked a question about Heroes as well.

Experienced in this whole press junket thing, Nate explained the idea behind the straight-to-DVD spin-off:

We were so amazing [in Get Smart] that they were like "Stop the presses! What are we doing? We need more of those two guys!" Not really. We knew from the beginning, the whole audition process, we knew that there were going to be two movies. [Bruce and Lloyd is] written by the same writers as the first movie because it's on the same timeline. Our DVD shows what we're doing back in the lab when Agent 99 and Max go off and do their mission. We end up having to go on a mission of our own. One of our inventions gets stolen, it's an optical camouflage technology is what it's called, OCT. And it's like an invisible blanket. And Max and Agent 99 need it in Russia, so we're trying to get it back for them. There you go.


For those of you with a more theatrical bent, Masi translated:

So Get Smart is Hamlet but we get to do Rosencrantz and Gilderstern Are Dead. We didn't get to play the questions game, which is the sad part, though.


Despite Get Smart's TV history, the duo weren't that familiar with the concept before signing up for the movie, as Nate explained:

I loved it, I loved it... I was just too young. I remember teething and watching it and thinking "I wanna be on that..." No, It was, what, the sixties? So it was a good twenty years out, or fifteen years out, before I saw it. I saw it in reruns and didn't actually know too much about it.


Maybe it was the chance to act out his apparently-real-life inventor fantasies that lured him in:

The gadgets in the movie were pretty cool. We have exploding dental floss, which is pretty amazing, a Geiger counter watch, knockout spray that comes out of a cellphone... that's a good one. I like that one. If I were a mad scientist, I'd do knock-out and then I'd have something that could change it, and then it could just be perfume or, like, mouthwash. You know, like a breath spray. I just like that it's already up there [by your mouth], it just sprays in the mouth. "Oh, I actually physically have to talk to someone now." Look at that! Banaca! Someone write that down. It could go far.


Of course, now that the movie's "a summer smash," inventing is but a distant, non-lucrative second place to acting. Does the success of the movie mean that we should expect to see more of CONTROL? Masi spilled the beans:

I know the writers are actually already beginning to write it. The box office just kind of determined how big our sets are going to be, whether it's going to be a very small telephone booth or a very big telephone booth.


However, he's much less forthcoming about the next season of NBC's Heroes, sarcastically saying "everyone dies in the first episode" when asked what's coming up this September. That said, he did tell us just how evil Hiro will be next year. Kind of:

Masi: On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say about... I don't know, that's an interesting question. Probably about 8.

Nate: That's pretty evil.

Masi: But is 1 evil, or is 10 evil? That's the question.

Nate: Okay, he kills a baby.

Masi: Don't tell!

Nate: But then he brings it back to life. It's a great episode, I've seen it.


And on his cameo in Pixar's Wall-E [His portrait is shown in a scene where we see a wall of portraits of the former captains of the BnL cruise ship that's been in space for 700 years]?

Masi: I'm in Wall-E? I had no idea. I gotta check this out. I had no idea!

Nate: That's awesome.

Masi: Well, I know a lot of the Pixar guys, I used to work at Industrial Light and Magic, so maybe some of those guys put me in there...

Nate: I smell residuals!


In closing, the two actors had a very special personal message to all io9 readers out there:

Masi: I want everyone to buy tickets to Get Smart and then sneak in and see Wall-E. That's what we should do!

Nate: Just keep buying Get Smart tickets. Every movie you see, just buy a ticket for Get Smart and sneak next door. That ten dollars is gonna move the world. That's all it takes.


Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out Of Control