Ion Digital Drum Station Keeps All That Banging to Yourself

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Now you can bang the drum all day to your heart's content without waking up the neighbors with this Ion Digital Drum Station. There's a grid of eight springy drum pads on this drum machine, and you can program a realistic-sounding drum noise into each one, choosing among 233 sounds. There are also 50 presets into which you can load your favorite combination of drums. For even more realism, there are inputs for external kick drum and high-hat pedals. Sounds like $109.90 worth of fun, and it even includes headphones and a pair of drumsticks. [Think Geek, via Crave]



To correct Goodbaum, the Alesis Performance Pad isn't even out yet, while the Ion pad has been out for a while.

Alesis is pretty well known for OEMing stuff from other vendors and jacking up the price (their rebadge of Logitech's Z680 comes to mind, which they marketed as a budget 5.1 monitoring system a few years back). It's obvious that both devices are descended from the SR16. Ion's instruction manual even says that you can transfer patterns to the SR-16 and even backup using the old Alesis DataDisk, which was basically a box with a floppy drive (gasp) that took MIDI SysEx dumps (I used to have one to backup an old Alesis MMT8 hardware sequencer).

I was thinking about buying the Alesis Control Pad, but this is cheaper and appears to be the exact same thing as the upcoming Performance Pad for a third of the price (AudioMidi is listing it at $299 and "Not Yet Released). Already placed my order!