iOS 14 Update Fixes Bug That Borked Your Default Browser and Mail Settings

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The latest version of Apple’s iOS brought with it some nifty new changes that allow for customization of both home screens as well as apps themselves (in some cases, arguably too much customization). But one feature that allows iOS users to select their default browser and mail apps got borked after a reboot.

Now, Apple has introduced a fix for the bug in its iOS 14.0.1 update. That will allow users to set their default mail and browser apps to, for example, Gmail or Chrome, without the phone deferring to Safari and Mail every time they restart their phones.

To change your default app in iOS 14, open your Settings, scroll down to your preferred mail or browser app, open the app settings, and select Default Browser App. From there, you should be able to select your preferred app instead of one of Apple’s own. (Make sure your device is updated so those changes stick, though.)


The update also fixes a few other bugs as well, including an issue that prevented images from displaying in the News widget, a problem causing disruptions to wifi connections, an iPhone 7- and iPhone 7 Plus-specific camera preview bug, and an outgoing mail issue affecting some third-party mail clients.

It will not, however, give you back the hours of wasted time spent customizing your home screen to be “aesthetic AF.” You’re on your own there.