iOS 5 File System Sleuthing Uncovers Potentially Beefier AppleTV

Illustration for article titled iOS 5 File System Sleuthing Uncovers Potentially Beefier AppleTV

9to5Mac's discovered what appears to be a nice new AppleTV hiding in the file system of the upcoming iOS 5 file system code.


The previous code was listed AppleTV 2,1 while the newly discovered one is 3,1, indicating major changes are probably afoot. Take some guesses of your own, but easy money's on the next iteration containing a dual core A5 chip, a la other iOS devices currently or soon-to-be in the field.

And, like the iPhone 4S before it, this new AppleTV will most likely boast internal changes, given the recent case redesign.


Of course, we should also note that, like Apple some patents that bubble up on sites like this one from time-to-time, code numbers sometimes don't mean anything in the long run either. [9to5Mac]

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Of course. I've just purchased an Apple TV. With any luck, this won't be out for a while.

But imagine this. The Apple TV with an A5 processor could run apps, which are controlled by your iOS device. Even older ones, which can't do streaming, would be able to act as a controller.