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iOS 8 Comes With a New App That Teaches You How to Use Your iPhone

Illustration for article titled iOS 8 Comes With a New App That Teaches You How to Use Your iPhone

The newest build of iOS 8 just hit developers, and it includes, TADA, a new Apple app called Tips, which will help new users navigate the basics of Apple's mobile OS.


The screen shot above comes to us from 9To5Mac, which reports the details of Apple's newest app. As the name implies, Tips will be full of helpful "did you know" like suggestions and mini tutorials on iOS 8 features. For example, the app will help everyone who fires up iOS and needs a quick guide to Siri. The screens also imply that there will be new weekly tips to squeezing more out of your iPhone or iPad. Apple has also added a new "iOS Tips and Tricks" website.

Tips is noteworthy mostly because Apple doesn't add new apps to its pre-installed suite very often, so you have to believe it was created out of some kind of very urgent need. It might be a bit much to say that Apple, which prides itself on the simplicity of its user experience, is admitting that users might need a little tour of iOS' features. It's actually more amazing that iOS has gotten by without much in the way of instructions for so long. [9to5Mac]

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