You and your iPad fought your way through the week hand-in-tablet. Time to enjoy the weekend by continuing to tap away at a touchscreen, but for funsies this time. Check out our favorite apps of the week, and reflect on the good things you accomplished in the past 5 days.

Editorial: Does all the basic things you'd' want from a text editor (like, you know, the ability to edit text), but with a whole host of scripting and automation tools that take care of a lot of the busy work and save you time in the process. You can either use some of the pre-installed workflow automations—allowing links, often used phrases, dates, and footnotes, just to name a few, or you can create your own custom workflow. There's even support for custom operations using a Python interpreter. [$5]

Slack: Aims to simplify three main things: messaging, file sharing, and the ever-present universal search feature. The app carries all the alerts and notifications you're used to, as well as the convenience of syncing all your devices anytime you make a change. The main difference is how you interact with your coworkers within slack. You can share, serve, star, and comment on pretty much anything that makes its way through your inbox (images, PDF files, lines of text, Google documents, etc.). And all this gets totally indexed, so you can find pretty much everything you could possibly want to look through in one place—a true universal search, if you will. [Free]

MedSnap: Identifies your pills and their potential interactions all through one simple snapped photograph. Simply place your various pill doses on the accompanying surface platform, line it up and snap a photo within the app, and the device will work with the app to scan your medications and give you all the info you need to know: which medications are present, how to take them, and the potential interactions you might be faced with. [$20 platform, $70 annually]