iPad Boxes Stuffed With Clay On Sale in Canada

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When a bunch of fraudsters wanted free iPads, they purchased them, removed the iPad, packed the box with clay and returned it to the store. Cheeky, illegal, but ingenious. Only, the stores then sold the clay to unsuspecting customers.


At least 24 iPad 2 devices have been swapped for modelling clay at major Canadian retailers over the holidays, reports CTV News. Somehow, the fraudsters managed to remove the devices and replace them with clay and then perfectly reseal their boxes. This happened in branches of Future Shop, Best Buy, Walmart, and London Drugs stores.

The amusing part — because fraud isn't amusing, kids — is that the stores were taken in by the perfect resealing. So taken in that they resold the iPads to unsuspecting customers. That has got to be the most disappointing unboxing ever. [CTV News via The Verge]


So, I know the customer is always right and everything but how do businesses protect against this kind of thing? It's simply the customers word that it was clay when they opened it. Perhaps they should make them open it before leaving the store. I guess that's why the rest of us are paying so much for stuff to cover losses like this :(.