iPad Faces 32 Tablet Battle Royale as Competition Increases

Illustration for article titled iPad Faces 32 Tablet Battle Royale as Competition Increases

Today, no other tablet has captured the public's eye so much as the iPad—owing at least somewhat to thin competition. But Technologizer's Harry McCracken says the tablet arena is about to get more crowded than a frat basement.


McCracken believes that later this year, the iPad is about to face serious competition (at least in terms of volume) from rival manufacturers who aren't about to give Apple a free pass on the touch tablet market. Dubbed the "iPadversaries," the 32 marauding tablets range from the Indian government's $35 device to the $599 ExoPC Slate, though every device on the list sports at least a 5" touchscreen and forgoes physical keyboarding. The roundup includes some as of now only rumored devices, as well as a few poorly-received tablets already on shelves—but surely indicates that the iPad may need to stop resting on its laurels. [Technologizer]


My biggest question to all these tablets, is why? I honestly can't think of any useful purpose for tablets, that I can't already do with a notebook. Is it just the novelty of a giant touchscreen? I see it as a tech-fad.