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If you just can't wait to buy an iPad, or rather, can't wait to reserve your slot to buy an iPad, you may be getting up early tomorrow: Pre-orders start at 8:30am EST Friday. That's 5:30am, Pacific.


Tomorrow's crack-o-dawn getup will save you a spot for either a Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi+3G-equipped model, on their respective release dates of April 3rd and "Late April." If you pre-order through your local store over the phone, you can reasonably expect to get your iPad day of launch; of you pre-order through Apple's website, which may be the only option for West Coasters, they'll ship it on launch day, but no earlier. (Though I suspect stores will have a set-aside number of units for pre-order anyway, so don't worry about peeling yourself out bed before your locals are open.)

So, who's gonna take the dive? [LoopInSight]

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