iPad Pre-Orders Start Friday Morning at 8:30 Eastern

Illustration for article titled iPad Pre-Orders Start Friday Morning at 8:30 Eastern

If you just can't wait to buy an iPad, or rather, can't wait to reserve your slot to buy an iPad, you may be getting up early tomorrow: Pre-orders start at 8:30am EST Friday. That's 5:30am, Pacific.


Tomorrow's crack-o-dawn getup will save you a spot for either a Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi+3G-equipped model, on their respective release dates of April 3rd and "Late April." If you pre-order through your local store over the phone, you can reasonably expect to get your iPad day of launch; of you pre-order through Apple's website, which may be the only option for West Coasters, they'll ship it on launch day, but no earlier. (Though I suspect stores will have a set-aside number of units for pre-order anyway, so don't worry about peeling yourself out bed before your locals are open.)

So, who's gonna take the dive? [LoopInSight]



I'd love to take the dive, but am going to wait and get some feedback from others on it. It sounds nice for the right audience, just not sure If it's what I'd want. I have an iPhone and a netbook. So, meh...might be an impulse buy down the road though.