iPhone 2 Leaked Pics (?) Show 3G Video Calling With Other Phones and iChat, Plus (RED) Version

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These leaked pics from what looks like some sort of Apple or AT&T marketing material give up lots more information on the phone, including (if it's real) what the final shape is going to look like. Both the standard black version and the project (RED) version have tapered edges, which match the "thinner" rumors, and a fatter middle, which match the "slightly thicker" rumors. Other than that, the general shape and button design seem the same. What's really cool is the front camera, which allow for video calls.

The 3G video chat allows iPhone to iPhone video communications on the fly via the front camera. According to the text, you can also chat with your iChat buddies if you're using Wi-Fi as well. Hot. Hit up Crunchgear for the rest of the pics. The only weirdness that we can see is that the (RED) version has no power toggle. Here's hoping these leaked pics are real, because we're really stoked about that video conferencing feature (3G iPhone toilet chats here we come!). Who knows if they ARE real, however, since they can be faked in Illustrator and then taken pics of with an iPhone camera.

Update: That footnote on the iChat image says to us that iChat is coming for the iPhone (text chat and video chat) AND Windows, with XP2 and Vista as a base requirement. iChat on Windows. That's not unbelievable, following in the steps of Safari this past year. Only makes sense that Apple would want Windows users being able to Wi-Fi video chat with their iPhone buddies.


[Ed Note:Although Chen was diplomatic about it, and they're very pretty, I don't believe these are real for a second. ] [Matt Hickey's Crunchgear]