iPhone 3.0 Will Have "Jibbler" Voice Controls, Talk Back to You Like iPod Shuffle

Illustration for article titled iPhone 3.0 Will Have Jibbler Voice Controls, Talk Back to You Like iPod Shuffle

Ars reports that buried in the iPhone 3.0 OS is evidence of voice control features that are codenamed "Jibbler," as well as synthesized voice responses from the phone, a la iPod shuffle.


It looks like Jibbler is an "enhancement" to the iPhone's SpringBoard app—the essentially invisible app that manages the homescreen and launches applications—and might be controlled by the headset. Unlike the shuffle, which lets your computer do all of the synthesizing work to talk to you, the iPhone would handle it in real time, apparently.


Hello, voice dialing—and if the voice control APIs make it to the SDK—voice Twittering, no more separate apps required. [Ars]

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I've been using 3.0 for a while, and every once in a while when I have the headphones in and the screen on when listening to music I sometimes hear a beeping tone and then the next song is played. Anyone know anything about this?