iPhone App Store Pictured, Apparently

OK, so take this with a dashing of salt; the guys at Monster and Friends have apparently spotted the first pics of the iPhone App Store, which appeared on a user's iPhone in place of a connection error alert. The user, Drunkenbass of Monster and Friends managed to have a look around the Genres and Top 50 sections, and he spied a Facebook and Checkers app. Jump in to grab another shot of all gray, app store excitedness. (Yeah, I made that word up. )


The look of the alleged store appears to be very similar to installer.app, and why not? It sure as hell works. Strangely, the applications already had a shed load of user ratings, but if this is part of Apple's testing routine, that fact is probably not too out of place. What do you, the discriminating public make of it all? [Monsterandfriends via Modmyifone]

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