iPhone Application Sales Are So Tiny They Fit in a Floppy

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Sure, the iPhone Application Store is big business for developers and consumers. For Apple? Not so much. Like always, it's all about selling hardware in Cupertino.


Since Apple doesn't release detailed sales information for the iPhone App Store, this figure is just an approximation. LSVP is saying that Apple got about $45 million in total iPhone App Store sales for the last three quarters vs total sales of $25 billion. TechCrunch is saying $95 million, which is the number we have used for our illustration. Obviously, third-party iPhone apps are going to be less costly to sell, with no cost of manufacturing or design.


Click to viewStill, the difference in total sales is staggering and the profit picture won't be significantly different from this. The chart really gives a good idea on how incredibly tiny the app sales are compared to the company total business. [Based on data from LSVP TechCrunch via Mashable]

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What does "1 bill = $10 million" supposed to mean on the photo?