iPhone Modem App Promises 10 Second iPhone Tethering

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Just released yesterday, iPhone Modem for the Cydia jailbreak application repository promises tethering your laptop to your iPhone in just 10 seconds. We haven't gotten around to jailbreaking our own yet, but this one is supposedly even easier than the official NetShare tethering app in the official App Store. ModMyiPhone forum says it works just fine on both the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Careful using this on AT&T, since too much tethering data usage you're not actively "paying" for will get you neutered. UPDATE: There are multiple versions of this SSH tethering trick floating around, many even with the same name. Before paying $10 for the version we linked to previously, try the free iPhoneModem here first: [iPhoneModem.de]



How's the work going on the 2.1 Jailbreak? We have to deal with iTunes 8 too, right? Well, I'm off to update my PSP!