iPhone OS 3.1 Jailbroken and Unlocked, Except for the 3GS and 3rd Generation Touch

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The Dev Team has released their Pwnage Tool for the iPhone 3.1 firmware. The bad news is that it doesn't work on the 3GS or the new Touch. But it will, just wait, and you'll see.


No, really, you won't have to wait long. Which is kind of important, because without the 3.1 firmware, you can't indulge in some of iTunes 9's best treats—app organizing and genius playlists, to name a few. From the Dev Team:

Because of changes with Apple's update techniques this will be a multipart release, starting with the initial release of PwnageTool for Mac OS X - this application supports the iPhone 1st Generation (2G), The iPhone 3G and the iPod touch 1G. NB: THIS DOES NOT SUPPORT THE 3GS OR 2ND or 3RD GEN IPOD TOUCH. redsn0w for Mac OS X and Windows will follow sometime in the near future, please don't bug us about it - we'll release when we have something ready.

The rest of you can download Pwnage Tool right here, which should handily jailbreak and unlock any piece of hardware that hasn't been released in the last four months, and with a lot less hassle than with the hackish method discovered yesterday. [Dev TeamThanks, tipsters!]



I hate to do it, but someone has to say it since all Android threads generally turn into Iphone comparison threads.

This is why you will never catch me with a Iphone/Ipod. Apple maintains such a stranglehold on their devices it's insane. They do it to everything they release, EFI is a joke. Between them locking the device down to the point of no process left behind, ala one at a time please, to the a$$hat of an approval process, they really kill all the fun for the sake of "user experience".

Even the evil Ballmer and the maniacal legions of WinDoom don't go as far as Apple to lock down devices. The XDA guys have been hacking away at HTC WiMo device for ages. Don't even get me started on the disaster that could have been genius called the AppleTV.

I give credit where credit is due, and the Iphone is an amazing device, Ipod Touch as well, but it shouldnt take an act of congress to get what you want on your device. I can't wait til them use the remove wipe ala Kindle lol.

Android wins here by a whale, and as more devices crop up, the fight is going to get really interesting to watch. New ROMs/device DO have to be rooted to get certain functionality, but for the most part, the devices are being shipped without and software locking mechanisms.