iPhone OS 4 Hands-On Video

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This is iPhone OS 4 running on an iPhone 3GS. Even though it's not finished, it's surprisingly usable—not nearly as slow as iPhone 3 beta running on iPhone 3G last year.


Most of the new features we mentioned today are there, theoretically, but it's not exactly usable until developer support shows up in apps. Like backgrounding, for example. That needs developers to use the 7 APIs available to them. And also the Game Center, which won't even hit at 4.0's release time.

Also yes, I said iPad instead of iPod. I'm tired. :(

Update: Here's part two, where I cover making playlists, what's up with double tapping the home key, and some other stuff.



Interesting article but I am wondering where are the 47 Giz articles on the OS update. I would have thought this would be BIG news here.

Also where's the debate and discussion? So now, iPad has one less objection, namely Multi-tasking. Perhaps not a full featured implementation but surely enough to satisfy those that needed this feature?

For me the MT implementation seems "good enough" but perhaps that remains to be proofed after we get more MT aware applications from third parties.

I like the folder idea, especially for the iPad. Game Center is only midly interesting and I guess it will depend on the games that make use of it.

The Ad stuff seems worrisome. How bad is it going to be? Will I be subject to these revolving banner ads across my screen? I hope not, that would be an iPhone killer for me.

The Zoom on the camera will be great for iPhone but doesn't seem to add any value to iPad since it lacks a camera (for now).

Also the Keyboard connect is cool but seems more appropriate for iPad than iPhone. Of course a small fold-up BT keyboard with a stand to set the iPhone on might be a popular item especially if it had a battery pack to power the iPhone while using the keyboard. I imagine running BT to the keyboard while connected via WiFi and listening to iPod music will drain the battery in a heartbeat.

Apple takes a step forward but it sure seems like a small step for mankind.