iPhone SIM Card Unlocking Tested (Verdict: It Works But Depends on the Card)

Click to viewWe finally got our gear and tried the forged SIM card method to completely unlock the iPhone. It works, but beware, because it depends on what kind of SIM card you use with your current unholy phone.


SIM cards come in different flavors. If your SIM is a V1 (old one), you will be able to use the published method and program a new SIM card that will work with the iPhone and make it work in your network.

If you are using a V2 or V3 SIM (most modern cards), like one of the Vodafone cards we tried, then you will be out of luck: The V2 and V3 cards use a different kind of encryption. As a result, you won't be able to extract the KI of your old card, which is not a D'ni communication device used in Uru but the key identification. This information is needed to program the forged card.

Some people in the Hackintosh forums say that a workaround would be to use a TurboSIM card, rather than the standard Silvercard SIM. This will require a totally different method.

What's next? For us, getting a TurboSIM and see how it could work with that. For you, if you don't have an old V1 SIM in your current phone, it seems that you will have to wait a little more to see if this works. Or for the iPhone Dev Team to finish their software-based unlocking work.


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