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iPhone Thief Confronted in Extremely British Fashion

After witnessing a fellow train passenger swiping an unattended iPhone, one brave chap decided to take action—in the form of video taping and yelling. Oh, the yelling. This could not be more hilarious and silly and proper and kind.


Screaming and pointing aside, manners were never abandoned. "I'm not gonna touch you, but you put that phone back!" screams the enraged witness. The pair trade arguments until the thief calmly exits the train and recedes into the night. Ah, the Brits. I have a feeling that if this took place in America, one of those gentlemen would have gone home with significant bruising.

And also: let's help catch that thief, yeah? What a dick. [YouTube via Reddit]

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C.T. Rex Pope

Don't worry British dude, Liam Neesom is on the case. Also, that is the least intimidating thief I've ever seen.