iPhone Unlocked (AGAIN!) With Paid Software Fix

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After being unlocked not once but two and even three times, Engadget is reporting today that the iPhone has been unlocked for the "first time." Well, it's not the first iPhone unlock (as my european Vodafone-TurboSIMed iPhone shows), but apparently this method uses only software: a commercial application that will be for sale "soon." [Update: yes, that hottie in the pic after the jump is Addy.]

The software fix is not by the iPhone Dev Team, nor does it need a TurboSIM card. However, you will need to buy the application from them to unlock your iPhone.


Or better said, right now you need to be a wholesaler to buy 500 licenses and above. Apparently, next week they are going to be selling "individual per unit licenses." According to the people at Engadget, they have tried the fix and it works, showing you an extra menu to choose the carrier you want to use independently of the SIM card. Just like when you use the TurboSIM method: Here is a screenshot of my iPhone calling the Mighty Addy on the Vodafone España network—also shows the Orange and Telefonica's Movistar network, which, incidentally will be the iPhone carrier in Spain.

Having had my own iPhone unlocked for almost a week now using the TurboSIM method, I've to say that paying for the card was completely worth the $80. Still, since you have to pay for both methods, my hopes are now with the people from the iPhone Dev Team finally to release what we all are waiting for: a totally free software method to unlock it.

And to me, that will be when the Death Star finally explodes. (I'm saving the explosion pic for that day, anyway.) [iPhone SIM Free via Engadget]