iPhone Users Report a Whole New Battery of Problems

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Even as frustrated iPhone owners complain that Apple's iOS 5.01 update didn't actually fix problems with iPhone battery life, users are reporting a whole string of new complaints against the iPhone 4S and the new update. Will it ever stop?

Batterygate isn't over and now a string of reports claim that users are experiencing performance issues aching for their own gate-based neologisms. We haven't confirmed any reports of crappy reception (again?), erratic Wi-Fi performance, and microphone problems, but if you're having them please let us know. It appears that the issues are linked to the update and specifically to the iPhone 4S. [PCWorld]

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The Doctor's TARDIS

Nope, still having significant problems, if I use internet radio apps, for two hours, my battery goes down to 75% or lower. For iOS 5.0, I was having the exact same problem. Nothing has improved for me and my phone. I do all I can to conserve power, lower screen brightness, turn off wifi and other signals, and I still get these issues