iPod Mini All Flash All Color, Shuffle Re-shuffled, iTunes Phone Updates

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ThinkSecret has got the scoop on a whole slew of Apple secrets, ranging from new iPod models to the latest updates on the much-awaited iTunes Phone (ie. that iTunes-capable Motorola phone that will supposedly be announced next Wednesday).


According to the Apple-lovin' folks over at ThinkSecret, new iterations of the iPod Mini will be all flash, all color. The loss of a hard drive means an even smaller player (screen size is about 0.1" smaller) but the resolution will go up to 176 x 132. It will be available in 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB capacities. Rumors note that while the 4GB and 6GB's pricing will remain the same, the 8GB will cost as much as $299 — as much as a 20GB regular iPod.

Good news to Shuffle fans too — Apple will introduce a 2GB iPod Shuffle for about $129 to $149 (We totally called this one too). They're also expected to drop pricing on the the 1GB to $99, and the 512MB to $69.

While the above two updates probably won't get announced at next week's event, the story of the hour seems centered around the ubiquitous iTunes Phone. Apparently it'll be available in 256MB and 512MB capacities, and be able to download tunes from the iTunes Music Store, as expected. But the more interesting bit of news seems to be that Cingular customers can also buy and download songs on-the-fly from Cingular's own network for about $2 a pop.

EXCLUSIVE: iPod mini to move entirely to flash and color, shuffle and phone details emerge [ThinkSecret]