iRumors Part Deux: So There'll Be a Phone

First, we discover that Motorola will hold an iTunes phone after-party at Webster Hall:

Exclusive — Motorola has sent invitations to analysts and members of the media, inviting them to an "evening of fun" in New York City on Sept 7th, the same day the company is expected to unveil its ROKR iTunes phones alongside Apple Computer.

"The device formerly known as the cell phone is ready for its next
act," Motorola said in the digital invites. "Please join us for an
evening of fun, music and evolution."


OK. We knew that.

We've also got:

AppleInsider last week reported that Motorola would hold an after-party for the iTunes phone launch on Sept 7th on Manhattan's West Side. At the time of the report, the wireless company was looking to secure a venue for the gathering inside Splashlight Studios on West 35th Street. However, reliable sources now indicate that Motorola will host the party at Webster Hall on 125 East 11th Street.

The party will begin at 7pm, according to Motorola, and will include a performance by a live band. No further information was provided in the invite. Instead the company promises invitees more details upon
reservation for the event.


Could it be Hoobastank? I do love that song The Reason. That was our prom theme. Hoobastank The Night Away 2004. It was magical.

Then we see that Madonna, Billie Joe, Lil Jon appear in ROKR ad

Motorola reportedly completed shooting for a ROKR iTunes phone
television ad yesterday. According to Madonnalicious, the spot stars
Madonna, Little Richard, Bootsy Collins, Sum 41, Mya, Lil' Jon, The
Pussycat Dolls, The White Stripes, and Billie Joe from Green Day.
Actors reportedly play Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix and Biggie Smalls. The
ad begins with a teenager talking in a phone both. He is soon joined
by Madonna in the booth, followed by an instrumental version of
Madonna's new single, 'Hung Up.' As the commercial progresses, more
celebrities are packed in the booth, "with various difficulties."

So we know it's an iTunes Phone. I also suspect we're going to see 2- and 4-GB iPod Shuffles.

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